HE IS A SOLUTION TO LONG MOOTED PROBLEMS IN HIS CONSTITUENCY. Rt HON.MUKTAR BETARA ALIYU. Chairman Appropriations & Budget. Representing BIU,KWAYA BAYO & SHANI federal constituency.no doubt he dosen't have his match in political arena in our constituency & intier northeast.

He is opposed to whatever tends to degrade his people an believe one government rests in public opinion,

he understands the spirit of our institutions to aim at the elevation of men,he Is dedicated in pursuing the unsolved long mooted problem & believe the most powerful & valuable investment any government can do to brighten its future development is to make Education accessible & affordable to its citizens especially to poor and less privileged ,this is because it is the bridge and Ladder that facilitates and enables someone from lower to middle class and upper class. Access to Education makes social mobility along the social strata much more easier.

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