IT'S HARD TO FORGET SOMEONE WHO GAVE MUCH TO REMEMBER. Some of the project & intervention in (cash) executed under Health by; Rt HON.MUKTAR BETARA ALIYU. Chairman Budget & Appropriations. Representing. BIU,KWAYA,BAYO & SHANI federal constituency. HEALTH IS WEALTH.

When Vision articulated in to reality, the performance indicator rating is high.
This is the true sense in all projects & interventions executed by Rt. Hon. Muktar Betara Aliyu. When you work for people, their interest is centre stage & must anchored in your policy priority. Health, is wealth & no community will grow beyond its quality health care services, people need good health to live & work.
This prompted the action of massive health care intervention by Rt. Hon. Betara especially,  primary health care services. One of such intervention is the donation of Ambulances to health care facilities and organisations to help attend the emergency health situations in the community. Reference to Mirnga Maternity & Biu Hisba organisation Ambulances donated by Rt. Hon. Betara & present exigency of Covid-19 pandemic. Only God knows what people will go through were the Ambulances not available.
Rt. Hon. Sir, continue the good work & serve your peoples diligently.

All for one and one for all.


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