ICON OF REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS & HUMBLE LEADERSHIP "I have been in this thing (giving assistance to the people in my constituency) for years, I am a business man, my business is doing well; I am not one of those who believe it is what you make in politics that you bring home, even before I joined politics I have been supporting my people. Politics just created the platform to support much more people and my personal resources goes into some of these supports, the joy and my personal accomplishment is to see smiles on the faces of these people. I am always happy when I give and some of them show their appreciation with smiles or cry of joy" Rt. Hon. Muktar Betara Aliyu member representing Bayo, Biu, K/Kusar & Shani federal constituency)

 Rt. Hon. Muktar Betara Aliyu (Chairman House Committee On Budget And Appropriation).
  The first port of call in the radical transformation of society is the leadership. Leadership, according to Tom Peter means vision, love, trust, consistency and creating heroes at all costs. From the womb of time, Rt. Hon. Muktar Betara Aliyu has evolved as extra-ordinary being, gifted with blend of courage and compassion for service to mankind. However, for his generation and the generations unborn. He is a clear reference point in service to humanity. He is a rare gem whom many look upon as “Messiah”. He has risen above the broken hope of mankind. If environment have influence on the life of a person, then the case of this gentleman is an empirical one to be considered and documented for history.
 Hon. Betara has positive attitude and he excel because his entire constituents all rally round him with unwavering support, encouragement and unalloyed loyalty.

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