Rt HON.BETARA DESERVE OUR TOTAL SUPPORT & COMMENDATION 2023 INSHA ALLAH.positive continuity & Legacy extension.

He deserve more than enough from his constituency due to his remarkable achievement and always doing his best for a common people.Elevate condition of men & lifting artificial weight from all shoulders and affording all in the race of life.
    Rt HON.MUKTAR BETARA ALIYU Has gaven so much to remember & always making indelible marks in the minds of good people of BIU, KWAYA KUSAR, BAYO & SHANI federal  constituency. Despite the health and economic challenges that face our country, we're living witness to the fact that he worked within the rounds of clock to ensure his constituency got the best and always willing to give out PALLIATIVE to cushion the hard situation. However, he uses his position to influence PROJECTS and PROGRAMMES that will positively touch the LIVES of many of his CONSTITUENTS. Therefore, he deserve our total support and commendation.2023 insha Allah.

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