HAPPY 13th ANNIVERSARY OF APPLAUD MARK OF EXCELLENCE.Rt HON.MUKTAR BETARA. ALIYU.member representing BIU,KWAYA,BAYO & SHANI federal constituency.Thank you sir, for positively impacted on all developmental sphere of the society across Length and breadth of BIU,KWAYA,BAYO & SHANI federal constituency.Your achievements are well acknowledged in all the sectors. EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, SECURITY, EMPOWERMENT, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE & WATER RESOURCES.e.t.c Today, is 13th Golden anniversary of dividend of democracy. It’s was a fulfilled journey of vision, purposeful representation & all encompassing development. Rt. HON. Sir,your efforts is well acknowledged & being beneficial to humanity. the constituents applaud your achievements are beyond REPROACH,we constituents pledge our support & loyalty for you to succeed in bringing more dividend of democracy to us. We hope & pray that the future will always be bright with you in National Assembly inshaa Allah.

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